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Hurricane Irma has begun it’s destruction while many Texans are left dealing with the devastating aftermath of Harvey. If you’re like me, you’ve been in constant search of ways to serve the victims and their families during this time of loss. It’s so easy to feel helpless in these situations, but thankfully, there are countless ways to show your support.

One company I’ve recently partnered with is Kinbe, a socially conscious lifestyle brand with a dream to give back to the world in a more meaningful way. Kinbe gives 25% of their profits towards helping orphans in Guatemala because they believe all children are deserving of love. Something I didn’t know about Guatemala is that they don’t allow inter-country adoptions meaning orphaned children can only be adopted within their country. Most children under 3 years of age in the orphan system there will sit in cribs most of the day with little human touch. As a mom to a child under 3, this breaks my heart. Kinbe’s proceeds allow the orphanage that they’ve paired up with to provide family style housing for these kiddos. This is important because most children there aren’t fortunate enough to be adopted, and although they remain in the orphan system, they’re still able to experience parental love. For more on this and how you can help, please visit the Kinbe Village Donation Drive.

Aside from their heart for giving, what I love about Kinbe is their actual product. Their moccs are adjustable, so they grow with your little ones! We got our first pair a few weeks ago and are in love. They come in lots of different colors, patterns, and sizes making it easy to find a pair that’s just right for you!

In an effort to support the victims of Harvey (as well as Irma if need be), Kinbe is giving 10% of all sales during the month of September to the families affected. I encourage you to check out their page here. This company is doing so many wonderful things, and I’m so proud to be in support.