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Date nights look a little differently than they used to. Before kids, we could grab a bite to eat, catch a movie, or run out to meet friends on a whim. Nowadays it involves babysitters, lots of planning ahead, and constant checking of the phone to make sure there’s no emergencies while we’re gone.

Even nights at home look differently. We spend an hour and a half each night feeding Daniel dinner, giving him a bath, reading books, and putting him to sleep. Once 7:00 hits and he’s out, we both take a deep breath and either turn the TV on or finish whatever laundry didn’t get done that day. It’s… repetitive.

I’m sure other parents out there can relate. Instead of you running the routine, the routine runs you. Before you know it, you’re stuck doing the same mindless thing night after night. The conversations get shorter, the days mesh together, and every Netflix show available has been watched.

Well, mom and dad, it’s time to take charge!

I’ve recently teamed up with Pier 33 Gourmet. Not only have they shared their amazing seafood with us, they’ve also reminded us that date nights in can be fun!

Step 1: grab some wine. No, grab some *good* wine.

Step 2: whip up a super fabulous, super easy dinner for the two of you.

We’ve focused on making dinner time fun again by trying new dishes and treating it as an activity instead of a chore. Pier 33 had some reeeeally great food to choose from, and the cook time is next to nothing. Just thaw it out that afternoon, and throw it on the stove with your favorite side dishes.

After dinner, we’ve focused on keeping a couple of nights a week screen-free. It’s good for the soul and easy on the eyes. (literally. I’ve had perfect vision my entire life and had to get glasses a few years ago because of my phone screen. whoops.) Our new obsession is board games. Now I’m not talking Chutes and Ladders or Monopoly, although those are great choices. Here are a couple of our new favorites:

Settlers of Catan



Ticket to Ride


Most of these can be played with just two people, but if you’re smart like us and made friends that don’t have kids yet, invite over a few more couples after you put the little one down for a group game session and a little Bourbon Glazed Salmon or Wild Argentine Red Shrimp. And wine — don’t forget the wine.

Or the rolls. Bon appetite!

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Daniel and I did a fun little Halloween craft the other day that I wanted to share incase anyone out there was in search of something festive to do with the kiddos. It didn’t take much time at all and turned out really cute.



Acrylic paint

Sponge brush


Lay out the leaves on a surface that can get messy (we used a brown bag from Trader Joe’s). Squirt a little bit of paint right on the leaf, and use the sponge brush to cover the leaves with the paint. Wait a bit for it to dry, and add the faces!

The craft was so simple. We ended up taping them to the wall in the kitchen, and now Daniel tries to grab them every time we pass by. I don’t typically buy Halloween decorations because I’ve got enough Christmas ones in storage already — oops. However, these have been fun to hang around the house, and I’m ok tossing them once the holiday passes.

Tips: Try to find dry leaves. The leaves I brought home that were a little damp curled up on the edges once they had dried out. I found that the leaves also curled a little after I had painted them, but once the paint dried, I was able to flatten them out enough to hang them.

Have fun!



So. Many. Options. When I first started registering, I had no idea where to even begin. Should I get a swing or a rock and play? What kind of stroller do I need? How much should I spend on a diaper bag? The struggle is REAL.

Here’s the good news: you’re the mom. You get to choose. Here’s more good news: there’s not much you need in the very beginning, so there’s plenty of time to feel out what’s going to work best for you.

If you’re just now beginning your registry, or even if you have a little one and you’re still searching for some things you may need, here are a few companies that I’ve really enjoyed. These have all been my go-to’s in the first six months.

When I started my registry, I used the BabyList app. BabyList allows you to register with multiple stores while keeping all the registry links in one place. This was perfect because you can access bigger registries like Target and Babies ‘R Us as well as small shops and boutiques all in one app. Having everything in the same place makes it easy for family and friends to see what you like/need.

The stroller we went with was a Doona (this link takes you to buy buy Baby, but they can be purchased from multiple locations). This is hands down the best baby purchase we’ve made. It’s not only a stroller but a carseat as well. The wheels on the stroller collapse and fold, then everything clicks into a base that’s installed in the car. I cannot even begin to explain how convenient this stroller is. With the amount of traveling we do, I don’t know that we’d survive with anything else. Even the amount of times we’re in and out of the car throughout the day is made easier by having a stroller/carseat combo — not to mention when he’s passed out and I don’t want him to wake up, there’s no moving him from one carrier to another. They’re a little on the pricier side, but after purchasing both a stroller and carseat, you’ve almost spent the same amount anyway. Do yourself a favor, Doona is the way to go.

The only downside to Doona is that there is no undercarriage storage. That’s why I purchased a backpack as a diaper bag. My KiKiLu is so cute and super spacious. I love that it doesn’t scream DIAPER BAG while I’m wearing it, and everything I need plus more fits inside. This thing gets compliments everywhere I go, and it comes in a few different colors. Definitely glad I registered for this.

Another stroller accessory that I’ve loved is my nursing/carseat cover from The Baby Abode. This cover has come in handy when I’m out and need to nurse or if weather conditions aren’t great and his carseat needs to be covered. It’s also useful while shopping anywhere with a cart — plus it makes a super cute scarf. I love that this serves so many purposes because I only need to remember one thing instead of three or four when I get out. They come in lots of cute colors/patterns, plus they’re thin so when you’re feeding your little one, you both stay cool.

Another trial and error product for us was diapers. Thankfully, we were gifted a few different brands, but we ended up using Pampers the most. I loved having the little line that goes from yellow to blue when they get wet. We also experienced the least amount of blowouts and leaks with these, especially once he started sleeping 10-12 hours a night.

As we all know, babies are messy. Bath time is a daily occurrence, and I’ve found a few things that make it fun for both of us. The tub we registered for was the 4mom Infant Tub. As a new mom, this was really great because it reads the water temperature. If the water gets too hot or too cold, it sounds a small alarm letting you know to adjust it. I was thankful for this because I wouldn’t have known what too hot/too cold for a baby was. Once I got a feel for the correct temperature and he could hold his head up a tiny bit better, I started using the Blooming Bath Lotus. I loved this because not only is it soft and comfortable for the baby, it also travels really well. Fold it up, put it in your suitcase, toss it into any sink, and TA-DA!! You’ve got yourself a bathtub. The second thing that we use during bath time is Babo Botanicals soap. The first soap we tried dried Daniel’s skin out a bit, but we’ve really enjoyed their products. Plus, when they sent the soap to us, they included some BOMB lip products for me. Brownie points were scored for sure.

Nighttime… this is where babies tend to differ the most. Some sleep 4 hours a night, some 12. Some stay in your room for the first 6 months, some go to the crib after just a few weeks. Some stay swaddled for a long time, some don’t. For us, we kept Daniel in our room for the first 16 weeks then moved him to his own room. No rhyme or reason, that’s just what worked. The decision I had a tougher time with was when to stop swaddling. He was wiggling those chubby arms out from about 3 weeks on, but it’s safest to keep them swaddled until they can roll over. So, how do you bridge that gap? With the Merlin’s Magic Sleep Suit! It’s a great transition from swaddle to complete freedom in the crib. Their arms and legs are a little more free, but they can’t roll over with the suit on. It’s amazing. He also started sleeping much longer stretches once we put him in this… Just sayin’.

One of my favorite little contraptions is the Baby Shusher. It makes a subtle shushing sound that’s gotten Daniel to sleep in the most dramatic of public meltdowns. It’s small enough to fit in the carseat/stroller with them and hardly takes up any space in the diaper bag. I take this thing everywhere, especially when we’re going to be out for a while and I’m counting on him napping on the go. You can purchase them from multiple locations, and they make great shower gifts.

One piece of advice I would give is not to have too many clothes. I know, I know, there’s so much out there and everything is adorable and you want allllllll of it. But honestly, I’ve grown tired of digging through outfits he barely wears to find my favorites. I would suggest choosing 10-12 pieces per size and nothing more. I do laundry everyday, so it’s not like he’s ever going to run out. Here are some of my favorite clothing brands: Rylee + Cru, Jax & Lennon CoMurray & Finn, June IsleKid WildZara Kids, and H&M Kids. For some fun accessories, check these out: Kinbe, Noble CarriageBriar Handmade, and Petite Soul Shop.

Moms need clothes, too, and I’ve found the one piece of clothing that EVERY pregnant/breastfeeding mom needs: Dwell & Slumber dresses. The buttons in the front make it easy to nurse, and the flowy one-size-fits-all design stretches for even the biggest bumps. These dresses are pretty much glorified pj’s, and I’m not sure I would have made it without these. They sell out super quick though, so set your alarm when they restock and be ready to POUNCE!

Woolf With Me is where I found nursery linens such as his crib sheets, changing table pad cover, and Boppy cover. Their stuff is so cute and comes in tons of different patterns. I had a really tough time deciding what I wanted!

As far baby wearing, we’ve really loved the Solly Baby Wrap. It’s cozy and cute and you wrap it yourself, so there’s no such thing as outgrowing it — until your child is so heavy you wouldn’t want to wear them anyway. The colors are beautiful, so I don’t mind having what I’m wearing covered up by it. And don’t worry, it comes with instructions for how to put it on. If I can figure it out, you can, too.

Something else I’ve been using a lot lately is our Gathre mat. It’s made with real leather and is super easy to clean. We’ve taken ours for picnics, to the beach, and we also put it under Daniel while he’s eating because it’s a quick clean up. They come in some really fun colors, however, we chose the streetcar pattern so he’ll be able to play with it for years.

Since it’s not all work and no play, I’ll also share some of my favorite toy companies. These are toys that I find to be aesthetically pleasing (because we all know kids stuff can come in… interesting colors) and safe incase they end up in their mouth — as most toys do. Check out Fanny & Alexander, Hazel Village, and Little Cottonwood (they also have great clothes).

Hopefully, some of you that were as lost as I was have found something helpful. Like I said, these were all my first-six-month go-to’s, and they’re all companies I trust using for an infant. If you have any questions, reach out or leave a comment below. I’d love to help out more if I can! And don’t get overwhelmed. We all make it out alive :)




Hurricane Irma has begun it’s destruction while many Texans are left dealing with the devastating aftermath of Harvey. If you’re like me, you’ve been in constant search of ways to serve the victims and their families during this time of loss. It’s so easy to feel helpless in these situations, but thankfully, there are countless ways to show your support.

One company I’ve recently partnered with is Kinbe, a socially conscious lifestyle brand with a dream to give back to the world in a more meaningful way. Kinbe gives 25% of their profits towards helping orphans in Guatemala because they believe all children are deserving of love. Something I didn’t know about Guatemala is that they don’t allow inter-country adoptions meaning orphaned children can only be adopted within their country. Most children under 3 years of age in the orphan system there will sit in cribs most of the day with little human touch. As a mom to a child under 3, this breaks my heart. Kinbe’s proceeds allow the orphanage that they’ve paired up with to provide family style housing for these kiddos. This is important because most children there aren’t fortunate enough to be adopted, and although they remain in the orphan system, they’re still able to experience parental love. For more on this and how you can help, please visit the Kinbe Village Donation Drive.

Aside from their heart for giving, what I love about Kinbe is their actual product. Their moccs are adjustable, so they grow with your little ones! We got our first pair a few weeks ago and are in love. They come in lots of different colors, patterns, and sizes making it easy to find a pair that’s just right for you!

In an effort to support the victims of Harvey (as well as Irma if need be), Kinbe is giving 10% of all sales during the month of September to the families affected. I encourage you to check out their page here. This company is doing so many wonderful things, and I’m so proud to be in support.



On March 28, 2017 at 7:15 pm, we welcomed our beautiful son Daniel into the world. He has changed my life in so many ways and all for the better. People try to explain how much you’ll love your babies, but it’s impossible to anticipate that love until you experience it for yourself.

We chose his name shortly after we got married. Daniel is one of our favorite books in the Bible. It’s a beautiful reminder of what it looks like to be true to your faith, obedient to your leaders, prayerful in times of trouble, and loyal to God above all else. Daniel in Hebrew means God is my judge. As Daniel grows, I hope he knows just how important prayer life is and how effective we can be when we surrender everything to God.

Becoming a mom is hard work – both mentally and physically. He changes into a completely different little person each week. It’s so fun watching him grow, but with every new beginning there’s also an end. He started smiling right about the time he outgrew his newborn diapers. Tears. He spent a few hilarious weeks with his left fist in the air, but that came to a screeching halt right about the time he wiggled his way into 3-6 month clothing. Tears. I could go on, but you get the picture.

God has blessed us incredibly though. He’s been happy, he’s been healthy, and I’ve gotten to be home with him to watch all these changes come about. As fleeting as the first few months have been, I’ve loved every second of it, and I know I’ll cherish all the upcoming milestones just the same.

One piece of advice I’ll give you moms is this: make time. If you’re in the middle of doing the dishes and you get the sudden urge to hold them, do it. If your laundry has piled up, let it sit. And if your house has been a revolving door of visitors, it’s ok to say no. These days may seem long, but they’re not as long as you think. Squeeze that tiny human as tight and as often as you want because they grow so fast.

Daniel, mommy loves you. You’ve taught me so much about Jesus in these first few months, and I can’t wait to teach you about Him, too.

Praise be to the name of God for ever and ever, wisdom and power are his. He changes times and seasons; he disposes kings and raises up others. He gives wisdom to the wise and knowledge to the discerning. He reveals deep and hidden things; he knows what lies in darkness, and light dwells within him.” Daniel 2:20-22

 Photographer Kellie Conlon