About me? Well, let me see. I’m really good at starting 100 things all at once. My husband and I move a bunch, so I’m a pro at packing + getting rid of things I don’t need before I develop a ridiculous sentimental attachment — this is a bad habit of mine. I love musicals and have a knack for getting songs stuck in my friends’ heads. I like to think of myself as a reader that is also well rounded when it comes to music, but I only read when I travel and given a multiple choice test of which artist goes with which song, I would fail. But I am passionate about many things — a few of them being great friends, red wine, my hometown, Christmas & the beauty of the outdoors. I love my husband, miss my family, work hard to do my best at all 100 tasks I assign myself & love the life God’s given me + the ability to desire Him daily.

Hobbies that are turning into more than just hobbies: acting, singing, crafting with canvases + wood slabs, blogging, photography, grilling, snapchatting my dog, buying sweaters & documenting — everything I do.

Follow along as I share all things I find lovely, thrilling, adventurous, quirky & adored.