Date nights look a little differently than they used to. Before kids, we could grab a bite to eat, catch a movie, or run out to meet friends on a whim. Nowadays it involves babysitters, lots of planning ahead, and constant checking of the phone to make sure there’s no emergencies while we’re gone.

Even nights at home look differently. We spend an hour and a half each night feeding Daniel dinner, giving him a bath, reading books, and putting him to sleep. Once 7:00 hits and he’s out, we both take a deep breath and either turn the TV on or finish whatever laundry didn’t get done that day. It’s… repetitive.

I’m sure other parents out there can relate. Instead of you running the routine, the routine runs you. Before you know it, you’re stuck doing the same mindless thing night after night. The conversations get shorter, the days mesh together, and every Netflix show available has been watched.

Well, mom and dad, it’s time to take charge!

I’ve recently teamed up with Pier 33 Gourmet. Not only have they shared their amazing seafood with us, they’ve also reminded us that date nights in can be fun!

Step 1: grab some wine. No, grab some *good* wine.

Step 2: whip up a super fabulous, super easy dinner for the two of you.

We’ve focused on making dinner time fun again by trying new dishes and treating it as an activity instead of a chore. Pier 33 had some reeeeally great food to choose from, and the cook time is next to nothing. Just thaw it out that afternoon, and throw it on the stove with your favorite side dishes.

After dinner, we’ve focused on keeping a couple of nights a week screen-free. It’s good for the soul and easy on the eyes. (literally. I’ve had perfect vision my entire life and had to get glasses a few years ago because of my phone screen. whoops.) Our new obsession is board games. Now I’m not talking Chutes and Ladders or Monopoly, although those are great choices. Here are a couple of our new favorites:

Settlers of Catan



Ticket to Ride


Most of these can be played with just two people, but if you’re smart like us and made friends that don’t have kids yet, invite over a few more couples after you put the little one down for a group game session and a little Bourbon Glazed Salmon or Wild Argentine Red Shrimp. And wine — don’t forget the wine.

Or the rolls. Bon appetite!

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