Daniel and I did a fun little Halloween craft the other day that I wanted to share incase anyone out there was in search of something festive to do with the kiddos. It didn’t take much time at all and turned out really cute.



Acrylic paint

Sponge brush


Lay out the leaves on a surface that can get messy (we used a brown bag from Trader Joe’s). Squirt a little bit of paint right on the leaf, and use the sponge brush to cover the leaves with the paint. Wait a bit for it to dry, and add the faces!

The craft was so simple. We ended up taping them to the wall in the kitchen, and now Daniel tries to grab them every time we pass by. I don’t typically buy Halloween decorations because I’ve got enough Christmas ones in storage already — oops. However, these have been fun to hang around the house, and I’m ok tossing them once the holiday passes.

Tips: Try to find dry leaves. The leaves I brought home that were a little damp curled up on the edges once they had dried out. I found that the leaves also curled a little after I had painted them, but once the paint dried, I was able to flatten them out enough to hang them.

Have fun!


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