The holidays are here! And with holidays come gatherings, and with gatherings comes food. Now I’m no Paula Deen, so I’m constantly on the lookout for some fun, easy recipes. The dip I’ve got for you today is a guaranteed crowd pleaser. I’ve brought this to house parties, holiday gatherings, showers, football tailgates, etc. It’s good for anything and everything, and your friends are going to be begging you for the recipe!

Today’s treat is none other than the lovely Avocado Rotel. This dip takes 15-20 minutes to make and feeds 8-12 people. Grab a bowl, cutting board, sharp knife, spoon, can opener, and these ingredients:

6 avocados

2 cans of Rotel

1/2 white onion

1 tbs cilantro (optional)

Tortilla chips for dipping


There’s no order as to what goes first into the bowl because everything will be mixed together at the end. ONION – chop it into very fine pieces. ROTEL – I like to drain the liquid from one can and leave the liquid from the second can when I add it. This helps make the dip a little creamier; if you like it chunky, drain both. AVOCADOS – I’ve mastered the art of slicing without green hands as an end result; cut them in half, scoop out the pit, and slice the avocado while it’s still in the peel (without cutting the peel along with it). Scoop the insides and dump them into the bowl with everything else. Mix the ingredients together, and dig in!


Now you’re the coolest kid at the party, and everyone wants to be your friend.

Your guests will be happy, your stomachs will be filled, and you’ll have no shortage of party invitations!

Happy Holidays!


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