Rings on rings on rings. On coffee.

Some days, even though you have nothing to do, you still feel accomplished by getting dressed and drinking coffee. Maybe you read, watch some TV, send some emails. Whatever the case, it feels better to look like you didn’t just roll out of bed.

I work a lot from home, and most of the time if I do have to be somewhere, it’s later in the day. However! That doesn’t stop me from an early rise and a cup ‘o joe.

In this particular day’s wardrobe, I slipped on a nice comfy black sweater from H&M and filled my fingers with golden lovelies. Pretty sure I didn’t have anywhere to be until noon, but I felt better getting a jumpstart on the day and being dressed for it.

How early does your day start? What steps do you take to make it feel more productive? Let us know!


Sweater | H&M

Necklace | Urban Outfitter

Rings | Francesca’sMadewell, Urban Outfitter

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