This marks my fourth year in Baltimore. I can’t believe I’ve been out of the South for that long! But, now that I’m almost a vet at finding the best hidden restaurants + mastering the terrible highways, I’ve spent time venturing downtown into what they call Fells Point.

Fells is a precious little cobblestone street neighborhood that’s got lots of secret beauty to it. Anywhere you look there’s architecture with charm & character that’s well deserving of applause. You get the feel that it’s been around a while, but it is still clean and inviting. One thing you MUST do down there is eat. Maryland is known for it’s awesome seafood.

Crab cakes and football. That’s what Maryland does.

The food is incredible. You can stop in a little hole in the wall wine cafe or Irish pub just about anywhere. They line the streets of downtown like they’re guarding them from any other distractions that might come along.

To start, order a drink (Natty Boh is their famous local beer) and some sort of crab dip appetizer, whether it be with bread, veggies, or pretzel — you’ll faint before you can even put in your meal order. Next, you’re going to want to try a soup concoction that’s out of this world. So they’ll have Maryland crab soup as one option, which is crab and vegetables; they’ll also list cream of crab, which is self explanatory. What you do is order a ‘half-and-half’, which is one half of each. It’s not too creamy because you’ve got the veggies in there, but it’s also not too light because of the thickness of the cream of crab. Heaven. Then, you finish off the meal with an outrageous entree and possibly dessert if there’s still room.

After that heart attack of a meal, take a walk around the harbor. You could wander for hours and still never see all the sights, but the buildings are beautiful and all on the water’s edge. The shopping is great so make sure you stop in a few clothing stores as well as the random, quirky shops. You’ll find lots of treasures in there for yourself and your loved ones.

And let me know when you make plans! I’ll be there xoxo


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– W H E R E – T O – E A T –

Kooper’s Tavern

Riptide by the Bay

Waterfront Hotel

Bertha’s Mussels

Tapas Adela

V-NO Wine Bar

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